Why Furtenburg .Inc

Our Focus & Mission

At Furtenburg .Inc, our mission is to provide small and medium sized businesses with access to capital for their companies
at the terms that make the funds easy to pay back.

Our Business Model

The Furtenburg .Inc Model enables business of all types to gain access to funding.  Furtenburg .Inc provides business owner’s and executives access to a wealth of options from funding periods that last as little as ninety days to SBA Loans with ten year terms.

As an industry leader, Furtenburg .Inc can fund merchant cash advances as well as business collateral loans, SBA loans and revenue/receivables based capital funding.

At Furtenburg .Inc our Underwriting Department is managed by a team of seasoned experts in the industry who have come to work with the best and provide the most effective system for expediting our funding process from application to wire transfer into your bank account.

Regardless of any offer you have seen to date, Furtenburg .Inc will provide you with more options, better rates, longer terms and the structure you need to succeed, within hours.

Our Strategy

At Furtenburg .Inc our strategy is simple, we focus on funding money for our client’s through multiple different channels offering a variety of terms and rates.  As a result, whether we are funding the deal ourselves in-house or partnering with a larger institution or lender to bridge the gap, Furtenburg .Inc will put the money in your account fast, every time.